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EARTHRINGS Maxi Pro IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE, LONG LASTING “shaft voltage reducer” on the market today
Nothing “Beats its low voltage performance, go ahead compare its shaft voltages and currents to insulated bearings, carbon brushes, carbon fibers etc. (5 Year guarantee on all models)



Reducing Downtime, Increasing Motor Life!

Earthrings are used to protect bearings from the negative side effects of High Shaft Voltages, that are present from modern day variable speed drives (VSD’s), for both AC and DC motors, as well as eddy currents from large AC motors. Research has shown an increase of bearing life by up to 400% with the use of Earthrings.

Eddy Currents Damaging Bearing Grease - Increasing Service Intervals.
The darkened finish was caused by electric currents.

The “Picket Fence” pattern is due to shaft voltages.
used unused

Get the Correct Life-Span out of your Electric Motor

Electric motor bearings are expected to last on average 50 000 hours, but bearings on VSD driven motor applications are only lasting on average 17 800 hours.
Electric motors that have Earthrings attached are proven to get as much as 300 to 400% more life-span than motors without Earthrings

Earthrings been fitted to Siemens South Africa Electric Motors

earthrings fitted

Unique High Contamination Design plus 3 x more fiber per ring.

Earthrings shaft
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