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“Your Electric motors are failing prematurely due to VSD drives – you just don’t know it. But the rest of the world does, and protects their motors !”

LV Earthrings

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Our LV Earthring is the #No 1 Best Selling VSD Bearing Protection Ring in Africa. Priced and designed for the African Market and tested in some of the best known and largest blue chip companies in Africa with a 100% Performance record at every factory. Earthring LV is for motors from 0.75 kw to 400 kw.


High Current Earthring (HC)

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This is an Add-On product to the High Voltage Earthring and is used on very large motors and Generators where “Current Surges” have been identified as a recurring problem. The HC Earthring is designed to attach to the High Voltage Earthring so as to absorb excessive surges, ensuring better protection and longer operating life. (The combination of Fibers and Silver brushes makes this the “Highest Current” carrying solution on the market today.)

HV Earthrings

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High Voltage Earthrings are custom made for all large electrical motors rated above 400kws or 600 volts. They are 6.5mm thicker than the LV Earthrings, have 3 x more fiber, use different materials and are custom manufactured to the exact specifications of each electrical motor taking all factors into account such as the KW, Amps, Rpm, Volts, Shaft size etc. These exact specifications are necessary due to the considerably higher shaft currents as well as higher costs of these larger motors.


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These rings are available in LV and HV Earthrings, and are used for on-site installations where removal of the coupling is not required. It comes with copper strip clamps on both sides to easily clamp the Earthring around the shaft before fitting. The Split-Earthring is well designed and extremely solid once it is closed (unlike many other options out there), which makes for easier fitting on-site as well as a much more solid alternative compared to other brands.

On-site Installation

Earthrings (Pty) Ltd is the only manufacturer that offers on-site installation throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. We have installed Earthrings in Nigeria, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia etc. The installation is very easy and staff normally go on to doing it themselves.

prod SAPPIOn-site Installations of Earthrings at SAPPI SAICCOR   prod SAFFELOn-site Installations of Earthrings at SAFFEL STEEL
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